NSP Goose

The Maine Arts Commission awarded Pinchbeck Pipes a project grant. The proposal was to create a simplified Northumbrian Smallpipe goose instrument. The instrument is made up of two drones for foundation and a keyless chanter in the common pitch of F#.   The goose allows entry level players the ability to gain control of fingering, drone tuning and steady bellows blowing technique without the complexity of a keyed chanter. It is considered a stepping stone instrument toward the more complex keyed chanter but does not sacrifice quality in tone or workmanship.  The goal is to allow the Northumbrian Smallpipes accessibility to student and beginner players and thus keep the genre thriving. 

Pinchbeck Pipes does not make keyed chanter instruments. Several quality makers are available. http://www.northumbrianpipers.org.uk/index.php?page=pipemakers

Special thanks go to Bill Wakefield and Chris Ormston for their support and guidance throughout the process of developing the instrument. And special thanks to the folks at the Maine Arts Commission for providing the opportunity for this project to become a reality. 

Instruments come reeded, voiced, with Kelleher Bellows, customized wood/fittings  - $1250.00 


 Contact:  pinchbeckpipes@gmail.com     ~    207-763-2731    ~    2 Church Street . Hope . Maine . 04847