Prices & Sound

We use a variety of exotic hardwoods and are open to dialogue about your preferences.  As seen in the pictures in this site: African blackwood, Mopani, Cocobolo, East Indian Rose, Kingwood, Indian Ironwood, Olivewood, Bolivian Rosewood ~ to name a few.  

Mounts are usually natural. As seen in pictures in this site: Moose antler, Black water buffalo horn, Amboyna burl, Box elder burl, and other types of hardwoods.  

Ferrules are typically brass,  or plated brass to gold,  nickel, or plain silver. 

Each set is customized to your liking in an open dialogue upon ordering. 

We make several pitches in chanters including:

D, C, B, Bflat, A and G.  (One set of Extended Tuning Range drones will tune to all of these chanter pitches.) 

Scottish Smallpipe Prices

3 Drone set ~ Please inquire. We can make them, but 4 drones is proving more popular and versitile.  

4 Drone set  ~ traditional or ETR one chanter  - $2000

4 Drone set  ~ traditional or ETR with two chanters - $2350 (w/split stock and reed protector)

4 drone set  ~ traditional  or ETR with three chanters - $2650 (w/split stocks and reed protectors)

Plating - add $150 - $250 depending on choice and current market value of precious metals. 

Sets include:  Brass lined tuning chambers - chanter(s) cane reeded and voiced – protective  cap - drone stopper pins. 

Bellows:  (prices may fluctuate slightly with currency rate)

Kelleher Trad Bellows: $400 with order of new set - Pads, slanted belt, brushed brass or chrome - supplied with fittings from bag to bellows ($450 supplied with custom fittings for other makers’ set) 


Great Highland/ SSP Practice Chanter

We make custom full size/length Highland Pipe - or - Scottish Smallpipe Practice chanters. Blow pipe insert is made from Delrin so as to prevent cracking from excessive moisture. Water trap allows for more stable and longer playing time.  Body is made from wood of your choice.  Reeded, easy to play, these make for a great personal practice chanter for decades of service. 


Customized Highland Pipe Practice Chanter 

Key of Bflat for Great Highland players

Yes! We make Key of A' for Scottish Smallpipe players! 


~ Extras ~

SSP Chanter with split stock, voiced - $400.00

Hard/Soft Mandolin case (fits the smallpipes nicely)  - $75

Cane chanter reed - $60

Key work - $250/key

Drone Stopper Pins For ETR Drones - Choice of wood, horn or antler - set of 4  with customholer - $65 

+ shipping on all above ~


Drone Stopper Pins For Trad Drones with holding block (bone, black water buffalo, option of pearl inlay - both shown here - set of 4) - $65 + shipping


Leather bags for Scottish Small Pipes, Border Pipes or Uillieann Pipes.  

Our process now entails a dual layer of thin material adhered to the interior of the bag to prevent any chance of leaks, soft suede on the exterior.  The process is material and labor intensive but the result is a bag made to last a lifetime. Goose neck or traditional straight neck can be made.  

$175 ~ plus applicable tax and shipping ~ bag only. 

$200 ~ plus applicable tax and shipping ~ tied into your pipes. 

Sound Clips Below


Above: Three examples by: Chris Gray A’ Chanter - to purchase full versions go to:


This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

Above:  Lucas Mitsch playing ETR drones, chanter in key of A, minor tuning "Paddy's Leather Breeches."  African Blackwood, Blasted Silver and Red Palm. 

Above: Lucas Mitsch playing ETR drones, chanter in key of A, major tuning. 

Above: Ralph Loomis playing ETR drones, chanter in key of A, minor tuning "Flogging the Riff." 

Above: A' pitched Chanter “ Extended Tuning Range Drone Scale"  Bass and Tenor Drones tuned to G, A, B, C - Baritone added in later tuned to E’. 


Copy and past the link above to see Thomas Leigh piping for Beluga Whales in Mystic, Connecticut. ETR set in key of C. 

Andrew McIntosh of “Fellswater" 


Solo A' chanter ~ below

C Chanter ~ below

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